Building corporate decentralized PKI with multisignatures
Elegant easy-to-use solution for business where you can trust nobody except yourself

Why you need Verdat?
No certificate authority
Peer-to-peer way of certificates' signing. All public keys are signed by owners of private keys.

  1. No more complex procedures for certificate creation. You can create as many certificates as you want for free and with one click.
  2. You can build certificates hierarchy based upon the organizational structure of the company.

Everything must be signed to become verifiable. Everything including certificates can be signed by multiple private keys.

Why is it useful?
  1. Collective responsibility.
  2. Stealing a single private key is not enough for making harmful things.

Flexible verification
Signed data can be verified with self-proven verification rules.

Why is it useful?
You can configure the informational system to verify objects based upon business processes used in the company no matter how complex they are.
If you want to accept only payments approved by any two employees and one specific manager, you can do it.

    Any signature can be revoked without blacklisting of certificate used for signing.

      Batterries included
      We implemented many plug-and-play solutions for real life cases. They can be easily integrated into your information system. Examples of batteries:

      1. Multi approves of manual operations with configurable thresholds.
      2. Secure CI/CD with multisigned docker images and git-commits.
      3. Secrets storage with multisigned and encrypted values that can be decrypted only by parties that use these values.
      4. Sensitive data storage with limits of requests and obfuscation preventing leakage of sensitive data.
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